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Hospital Rooms

  • Standard rooms sleep four people. Each room is equipped with televisions and refrigerators that can be used with prepaid cards that are available for purchase.
  • Patients may select to stay in special rooms (special-charge private rooms). These rooms are equipped with washstands, toilets and other facilities, offering an environment in which medical care can be provided with privacy. Use of a private room will incur extra fees in addition to the standard room fee. These extra fees are not covered by insurance and must be paid by the patient.

    Special room A: 10,800 yen (including consumption tax)
    Special room B: 8,640 yen (including consumption tax)
    Special room S: 32,400 yen (including consumption tax)
    Special room L: 32,400 yen (including consumption tax)
     (L rooms are equipped to provide safety and comfort when dealing with labor, delivery, and recovery, all in one room.)