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About Advanced Medical Care

About Advanced Medical Care

"Advanced medical treatment" refers to special medical care prohibited for use under health insurance, or to new methods that have been implemented after receiving approval from local social insurance offices as special treatments.

Advanced medical treatments carried out by this hospital, and associated costs are as follows.

Departments offering advanced medical treatment Name of advanced treatment Fee per session
(borne by patient)
Ophthalmology Amniotic membrane transplantation for treatment of intractable eye diseases. 96,000 yen
Division of Gastroenterology Tailor-made eradication ofHelicobacter pyloribased on testing for CYP2C19 genetic polymorphism (only with treatment for gastric or duodenal ulcer withHelicobacter pyloriinfection). 12,000 yen
Orthopedic Surgery Ultrasonic fracture therapy (only fractures of limbs (excluding fractures created during surgeries for treatment) to which open surgeries have been conducted). 139,000 yen
Dentistry & Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Implant dentures (only cases that recovery of the mastication function with removable dentures is difficult due to excessive absorption of the jaw bone.) 318,000 yen
Division of Hepato-Pancreatico-Billiary Surgery Image-based navigation during hepatomy 44,300 yen
Division of Hepatology Pretreatment prediction of virological response to IFN treatment based on testing for IL28B-related genetic polymorphism in patients with chronic HCV infection. 14,000 yen

  • Please contact the concerned department for detailed treatment information and Medical Affairs Section (TEL: 053-435-2604) for pricing information.