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Regional Medical Management Studies

Professor YOSHINO Atsuto

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In order to make Shizuoka Prefecture a safe and secure area, the local
government and residents are working together to prepare for disasters such as the Nankai Trough earthquake. However, the actual situation of medical care, which plays an important role in implementing the measures, is that the number of doctors per 100,000 people in Shizuoka prefecture is less than national average, and the two medical areas of Chutouen and Shida-Haibara are about 60% to 70% of the national average. The shortage of doctors and the uneven distribution of doctors are becoming serious. In order to function the medical system quickly and appropriately in the event of a mass disaster, it is essential to ensure that the operation of the hospital is stable from the usual time. Therefore, this course is promoting the following research activities in Shizuoka Prefecture, especially in the secondary medical area, which is highly important and urgent in order to deal with the shortage of doctors.

  • Period: October 1, 2007 - March 31, 2025
  • Activities

(1) Development of human resources related to disaster medicine (especially nuclear disaster medicine)
・We train medical professionals such as doctors and nurses who specialize in nuclear disaster medicine.

(2) Cultivating human resources to stabilize hospital operations in both Chutouen and Shdta-Haibara medical areas
・We will consider a cooperative system to ensure that normal medical services in both medical areas function soundly beyond administrative units.
・Under the theme of "Towards the realization of a system in which anyone can receive the best medical services anytime, anywhere," we will hold symposiums for local residents and seminars for hospital staff to expand the circle of activities to protect and support local medical care.