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Foundation Vision and Mission

Foundation Vision

The University seeks to achieve three chief objectives; firstly, to produce excellent clinicians and highly creative researchers; secondly, to promote original research and the innovation of medical techniques; and thirdly, to play a leading role in local medical treatments by practicing medicine for the greatest benefits of patients. These goals should contribute to the health and welfare of all mankind.

Mission of our University

The main task of the university is to actively promote the mankind's health, happiness and prosperity through its educational and academic activities. The school, which serves as an educational and research institution for medicine and nursing, aims at teaching and researches on the newest theories and practical applications of them. The school continuously seeks to grow up expert clinicians and nurses and their researchers who are not only highly academic and skilled but also well trained and versed in medical ethics. By doing so, the university plays a leading role in local medicine and health care and helps them develop.