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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of the University Website applies when users of the University Website use the services (providing information, requesting for documents, etc.) offered by the University. Therefore, the University assumes no responsibility for the contents of handling of privacy information on other websites linked to from this page. Please read through this privacy policy when using the University Website.

It is deemed that users of the University Website have understood and accepted the contents of this privacy policy. The University may change the privacy policy for further protection of personal information of users, and/or pursuant to formulation or amendment etc. of laws and regulations. Therefore, kindly ensure to check the latest details.

Privacy Policy

Hamamatsu University School of Medicine (National University Corporation) collects data on individuals to the extent that healthy maintenance of its official site (the site that begins with "") necessitates. The collection and use of the data shall be based on the "Law on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Institutions" (Act No. 59, 2003) and the following policies, and its scope shall be limited within the purpose defined below.

Basic policy

The University understands that the personal information of users of the University is a very important information pertaining to privacy, and the University strives to appropriate manage such information.

Acquiring personal information

While acquiring personal information, the University shall acquire it in a fair and legal manner to the extent required for achieving the designated purpose of use.

Use of the personal information

The University will use, to the extent necessary for the purpose of use which we indicated when we acquired personal information, only when necessary to accomplish our activities in education, research and medical treatment.
When outsourcing activities pertaining to personal information to an outside party, or when offering personal information to a third party, the University shall enter into agreement etc. with the vendors or the recipients of information putting obligation of appropriate management of personal information on them, and the University shall supervise and guide them.

Offering personal information to a third party

Except when stipulated by laws and regulations, the University never shares the personal information with a third party without the prior consent of the individual.

Management of personal information

The university shall safely manage personal information, as well as implement relevant information security program in order to prevent loss, intentional alteration and leakage of personal information.


The University shall not disclose personal information without the consent of the person. Furthermore, should a person request that his/her information be disclosed, the University shall comply with said request in accordance with University regulations, etc.


The University shall maintain personal information in an accurate and up-to-date form and shall take necessary and appropriate security measures to prevent loss, alteration, or leakage.

Continuous improvements

To pursue our privacy policy, the University will establish a program to observe the protection of personal information, will ensure through training and education that its employees comply with the applicable codes and norms, and will continue to revise and improve our policies to maintain the best privacy policy.