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Radiation Oncology

Professor NAKAMURA Katsumasa

Professor YAMASUE Hidenori

Radiation therapy has made great progress in recent years, and its role in the treatment strategy for malignant tumors has been more important. Because the number of elderly patients has been increasing rapidly in Japan, the proportion of patients receiving radiation therapy is expected to increase significantly. However, the number of radiation oncologists is not enough in Shizuoka Prefecture. Based on this trend, the Department of Radiation Oncology was newly established from the Department of Radiology at Hamamatsu University School of Medicine in 2015. Our department provides high-precision radiotherapy for malignant tumors, as well as medical education for students, residents, and staffs in our field. Our department is the only section for the education of radiation oncology in Shizuoka Prefecture. We are making an effort to contribute to the advancement of cancer care in cooperation with other specialists in this field.