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Units of FunctionMain equipment
Basic and Clinical Research Bldg.
RI Experimental Animals Institute
iMec Bldg.
Biological sample preparation Ultra- and high-speed centrifuges (7F, 9F), Microvolume spectrophotometers (NanoPad (7F), NanoDrop (7F), Freeze-dry machine, Sonicator, SpeedVacTM concentrators, Shakers, Autoclaves (7F, 9F), Ultra-pure H2O, etc. Dry-Oven, pH meter, MilliQ H2O, Scrubber draft chamber etc.
Genetic analysis Thermal cyclers, Hybridization oven etc. Next generation sequencers (NextSeq, MiSeq, IonPGM), Capillary DNA sequencers, High-throughput electrophoresis system (TapeStation), PCR machines, Microarray system, etc.
Molecular biological analysis
Gel and blot imaging systems (ChemiDOCTMTouch, Printgraph 2M) (7F)
Micro-plate readers (adsorption, fluorescence, chemiluminesecence) (9F)
Mass spectroscopes(Q-Exactive, QSTAR Elite, 4000QTRAP),
Gel and blot imaging systems (FLA-3000),
Protein interaction analysis (BIACORE),
Amino acid analyzer, Infrared spectrometer, etc.
Cell biological analysis Multi-photon laser microscope (Animal Model Laboratory), Fluorescence microscopes Inverted), High-contents cell analyzer (In Cell analyzer), CO2incubators /Clean benches ( 9F), etc. Confocal laser microscopes, Fluorescence microscopes (Upright, Inverted), Zoom fluorescence microscope (ZEISS), Time-lapse fluorescence microscopes, Flow cytometers (analyzers, cell sorters), CO2incubators /Clean benches, etc.
Histological analysis NanoZoomer 2.0, Automated slide Steiner, Automated vacuum infiltration system Embedding console system, Cryostat, Microtome etc. (8F)
Ultrastructural analysis Transmission electron microscopes Scanning electron microscopes, freeze-fracture replication system, High pressure freezing machine, Ultramicrotome etc.
Bioinformatics NanoZoomer Servers (8F) Servers and workstations (Windows and Linux) for NGS analysis (CLC-Bio Genomics Workbench) and Bio-imaging
Image analysis
[Temporarily moved to Handayama Hall]
Color poster printers, scanners, etc.
3D/4D imaging analysis system (Imaris)
Radioisotope analysis [RI Center]
Gamma counters,
Liquid scintillation counters,
X-ray irradiator,
Automatic film developing machine, etc.1
Devices and technology development [Temporarily out of survice]
3D cutting machine, Lathe, Drilling machine, Slice board, Electric grinder, Power cutter, etc.