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Bringing your family to Japan

 Your family can obtain visas for entering Japan directly from the Japanese Embassy in your country. In addition, dependents (exchange student) can also obtain authorization of resident eligibility as a proxy at an immigration office in Japan, which the student's family can then take to the Japanese Embassy in the home country and obtain visas. In this way, the time need to have a visa issued is short and the paperwork process at the Japanese Embassy will proceed considerably more smoothly.

  • 1 copy of Application Form (available at the immigration office)
  • 2 copies of photograph of each person to receive eligibility status of residence( 4cm×3cm)
  • 1 copy of documents certifying the relationship between dependents and student (family registry or, marriage certificate etc.)
  • 1 copy of dependents'(students')Residence Card
  • 1 copy of passport
  • 1 copy of School Enrollment Certificate
  • 1 copy of documents that prove your financial ability to support family (certificate of bank balances, certificates of receipt of scholarship etc.)
  • Self-addressed envelope with stamps (380 yen postage)
  • Other documents of reference