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Educational Activities

Subject in charge

Undergraduate course subjects

2nd grade

■ Pharmacology lecture

  ・General pharmacology (including guidance)
  ・General introduction to clinical pharmacology, drug development
  ・Receptor binding, receptor classification
  ・Intracellular and extracellular transmitter substances
  ・Autonomic nerves and related drugs I (including respiratory drugs)
  ・Autonomic nerves and related drugs II (including urinary and genital agents)
  ・Hypertension and its drugs I (Ca2+ antagonists, diuretics, beta blockers)
  ・Hypertension and its drugs II (renin-angiotensin system)
  ・Central nerve disease and its drugs
  ・Ischemic heart disease (angina) and its drugs (nitrates)
  ・Immunity, allergy and their drugs
  ・Tumor and its drug
  ・Heart failure and its drugs
  ・Arrhythmia, ions and their drugs
  ・Digestive diseases and their drugs (1)
  ・Digestive diseases and their drugs (2)
  ・Inflammation / pain and their drugs
  ・Dyslipidemia, hyperuricemia and their drugs
  ・Thrombosis (including cerebral circulation) and its drugs
  ・Data presentation and explanation (analysis of experimental data)
  ・Infectious diseases and their drugs
  ・Diabetes, hormones and their drugs

■ Pharmacology training

Graduate courses

This doctoral program aims to produce both basic medical researchers and clinical scientists who will take the leadership on global bases. Based on taking a broad range of classes including "advanced photo-medicine", the students for medical researchers should acquire high-level expert knowledge and skills to perform creative research.

On the other hand, the students for clinical scientists should acquire the ability to apply a research mind to their own clinical practice.