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Chairperson Associate Professor  KAWASAKI Hideya

Professor  HARIYAMA Takahiko

As I am a biologist who realized the importance of Biomimetis, I have to explain the important function and morphology of living organisms in the subcellular size from nano to micron meters. Electron microscope is the most suitable equipment but it needs several complicated procedures and is difficult to see the real structure of organisms, therefore we invented the simple method to observe the real structure in an electron microscope, which is coined as the NanoSuit®, the new technology from Japan. I would like to develop this technique more to know the nature itself and to contribute SDGs.
Research Keywords
NanoSuit, Electron Microscope, Photo-biology, Sensory Physiology, Behaviour
#502, Innovative Medical Collaboration Building
hariyama*hama-med.ac.jp (use @ instead of *)

Researcher  HIRAKAWA Satoshi

Researcher  SENOH Chiyo

Visiting Researcher  HARADA Hidekazu

Assistant Technical Clerk  KAWABATA Yayoi

Assistant Technical Clerk  SUZUKI Hiromi

Assistant Technical Clerk  TANO Tsukie