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Vice President's Message

I am Masatoshi Kitagawa, PhD, and I have been the Vice President for Research since April 2020. My specialty is molecular biology, and I have studied the molecular mechanisms of cell proliferation, differentiation, carcinogenesis, and metastasis. I would like to say a few words here and contribute to progress in research at our university.

At this university, based on our founding philosophy, we aim to train highly creative researchers as well as develop original research and new medical technologies. In particular, the Faculty of Medicine and Nursing and research-related centers, such as the Preeminent Medical Photonics Education & Research Center, the Research Center for Child Mental Development, the International Mass Imaging Center, and the Promotion Center for Medical Collaboration & Intellectual Property, have been working in areas related to not only basic researches but also medical applications. As the results, we have achieved remarkable results in basic and clinical medicine, NanoSuit research, photonics, and imaging technology for medical science and medical applications. But our university must evolve further. It is difficult to determine the direction of future research and how it will develop; however, we need to promote the maturation of photonics and imaging-related research, including for NanoSuit, based on our previous work in those areas. Moreover, new aspects of cross-sectional research between basic and clinical medicine are essential. I believe that the development of science depends on the abilities of researchers and their diversity. Therefore, our university should further promote creative, first-rate research by supporting distinguished younger scientists and strategic studies. To implement those efforts, a new Research Strategy Office will be established in 2020. Here, the members will go around each lab to hear the current status and prospects of the research (laboratory round), and discover and support young researchers and new emerging original and excellent researches. Our university will also propose and support important collaborative research between basic and clinical laboratories for medical applications, including drug discovery.

At present, our university has a very good atmosphere for studying and research, and we can all work together to achieve our goals. I would like to make the most of my experience and contribute to the progress and development of our research here. We look forward to your guidance, support, and cooperation.

Vice President for Research, Masatoshi Kitagawa, PhD