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Greetings from the Vice Director

Yasuomi Ouchi, MD, PhD
Vice Director,
Institute of Photonics Medicine

 I came to this university in 2007 as a professor of the Molecular Imaging Research Center which existed for 4 years in the history of the incumbent institute. Since I was in graduate school, Hamamatsu's proud photonics technology has been one of my key tools to unravel the mysteries of the brain physiology and pathology in vivo. As research grows, unlike in the past, there are limitations to what can be achieved in a single laboratory, and we realized that achieving higher goals requires active collaboration using multimodal and multiscale methods. One of the missions of this institute is to set a theme and pursue the answer as one team. Under the orchestration of Director Kitagawa, I will devote myself as a full-time faculty member to help our theme (conquering the enigma of autism as a first example) complete by the harmonizing collaboration among individual laboratories that conduct original and cutting-edge research.