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For General Users


Visitors have limited access to library resources and copying services. Moreover, please utilize public libraries for materials that are available there. To view our books, please submit a "Reader Request" at the circulation desk, and fill in your full name on the user's list we retain. Those who did not bring a "Reader Request" can still use materials in the library by filling in the user's list.
Please acknowledge beforehand that when searching for diseases or medical treatment, that the medical or medical treatment information available at our library might not cover all of the latest information or that the medical treatments obtained from these materials might not be the best possible treatment for certain patients. Interpretations or judgments on the content of these materials may be decided by the user but if there are doubts then please consult a physician.

Services Available

Please note that selected materials at this library are held for school courses and research lab use and are not available to the public. Check OPAC (online public access catalogs) to find what is in stock or where it is available. See the Material Search Methods to find out how to make searches.

Document copies

Library materials can be photocopied for the purpose of your own investigation or research. (This does not include texts held for school courses and research lab use so use OPAC to check where it is held.) Make inquiries at the circulation desk.

Checkout of library materials

Those from outside this school cannot directly checkout materials. However they might be available through other libraries so inquire at a public (prefectural, etc.) library.

If more information is needed please consult the information service office (Tel: 053-435-2171).