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Health Administration Center

Head Prof. HOTTA Yoshihiro

The Health Administration Center was established in May 1985 with the goal of ensuring a well-rounded university education and working environment by maintaining and promoting the health of both students and faculty.
The staff of this center, physicians and a public health nurse give health exams and health care advice. They can be consulted whenever needed on whatever physical and mental problems are encountered at school and the workplace. Trying to deal with physical or mental problems on your own without consulting others often leads to a never-ending cycle of worry and suffering. However, going to a specialist for a consultation widens one's perspective on the problem and gives one a different outlook. It also often results in a better understanding of oneself and gives important clues on how to deal with life's problems.
This center is staffed by experts in a variety of fields, so if something is bothering you, even a seemingly trivial thing, feel free to drop by and talk to someone who can help.


Director Prof. Yoshihiro HOTTA
Senior Assistant Professor Noriyuki ENOMOTO
Public Health Nurse Yumi NAITO
Counselor Aki MIURA
Internal Medicine School Physicians Daisuke TSURIYA
School Physicians Naohiro HOZUMI
Psychiatry Counselor Yousuke KAMENO


Tomoyo ISOBE

*Request a consultation at the center at least by noon on the day before the desired consultation date.


Annual Event Schedule

Month Event Description Coverage
April New student orientation
School entry health exam
Health survey & UPI survey
Student periodic health exam & health survey
Faculty of Medicine & Faculty of Nursing
Graduate Course of Midwifery
Graduate School
May Student periodic medical checkup: post-guidance
June Staff periodic medical checkup Staff
Special periodic medical checkup Staff
Doctoral Degree Program in Graduate School
September & October Student and staff periodic medical checkup: post-guidance
December Special periodic medical checkup Staff
Doctoral Degree Program in Graduate School

Issuing Health Exam Certificate

Health (or medical) exam certificates required for scholarships, entrance tests, and employment are issued based on results of periodic health examinations. Therefore please take this exam every year since a certificate cannot be issued until you have taken the periodic health exam.
If you need this health exam certificate then please make arrangements in advance at the Health Administration Center.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM

Changes in office hours and information notices will appear on the Health Administration Center bulletin board.
If coming to the Center is impossible, please make contact by telephone or mail.

Communicable Diseases

The very nature of a medical university makes it essential to take countermeasures against infectious diseases. Students must also take measures to prevent infection so be aware of the measures you should take.

  • To prevent tuberculosis, take a chest X-ray during your periodic health exam every year.
  • To prevent Hepatitis B, those testing negative for HBs antigens and antibodies should get a vaccination and take the antibody titer test.
  • To prevent virus infections, during school entry we give antibody titer tests for measles, rubella, chickenpox and mumps.
  • We also offer influenza vaccinations when epidemics are predicted.

Student Health Consultations

The Health Administration Center is for YOU

The center is provided to ensure you a high quality campus lifestyle in Hamamatsu University School of Mediicne.

What is health?

A high quality campus lifestyle starts with good health. Here, health means not just a body free from sickness but also means a mentally stable person that enjoys interacting with classmates, teachers, and those around him or her and lives a full life as a medical or nursing student.

Living a full life as a student

Your student life is also a time of making efforts and mistakes, and working to fix those mistakes but this process is also something that helps mature you for the medical profession.
This is true because your life is a priceless asset, your life is something only you can live, and your life is something that only you can shape. This is something that we can help you with.

Feel free to drop by and talk to us

Health consultations can cover just about anything you think important. These consultations could include health matters, lifestyle matters, personal matters, school, your future, your friends (dating, marriage problems) or any other matters. Plus, it is all kept strictly confidential.

For a fuller more satisfying campus life

Health consultation staff

The consultation staff includes doctors (Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Orthopedic Surgery, Ophthalmology) and a public health nurse. If needed, they can introduce you to specialists or related facilities.

To make use of the Health Administration Center

You can also contact us by telephone or mail and we respond to needs such as repeat consultation visits, or visits while accompanied by family and friends.

Contact us

Health Administration Center, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine
1-20-1 Handayama, Higashi-ku Hamamatsu 431-3192

Message to all staff and workers

The Hamamatsu University School of Medicine provides periodic health exams for regular employees in compliance with occupational safety and health standards. (This also falls under "basic health examination" and "tuberculosis & lung cancer screening" for those people (with national health insurance) who are residents in the city of Hamamatsu and not company employees). Our current workplace health exam items do not include cancer screening tests such as "colorectal cancer screening" "stomach cancer screening" "uterus cancer screening" and "breast cancer screening" but these test items are available for residents of Hamamatsu (national health insurance).
The city of Hamamatsu does accept applications from those not having the opportunity to take a workplace "cancer screening test" (check if you are in the applicable age group). Please contact the Hamamatsu Health Promotion Division (Tel: 053-453-6119). After being issued an exam slip you can take an exam at the medical facility where provided.