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President's Message

KONNO Hiroyuki, M.D., Ph.D., President

Our Foundation Vision is vitally important. It embodies the high spirits required today as medicine advances and becomes more complicated and specialized. All our administrative officers, including myself, must strive to keep it in mind as the guiding light of our university operations.

During the past 13 years, under the management of the National University Corporation, we have maintained healthy finances and intensively put resources into research, mainly our medical photonics project. We have also trained excellent doctors and nurses, who have contributed to local medical care. Moreover, we can boast of the high number of our successful applicants in the National Examination for Medical Practitioners. Our university has continued original investigations and formed industry-university collaborations with local companies. Building on those achievements, we are now in the process of reforming our organization through strengthening our institutional research.

In education, we are proceeding with a new guideline-based policy, which consists of a recently revised diploma policy, a curriculum policy, and an admissions policy. It focuses on cultivating students who can analyze and solve problems with ethical values as a medical professional, with excellent communication abilities and international perspectives. Our clinical training scholarship enables our undergraduate medical students to participate in clinical practice with cooperating universities abroad. In addition, a newly setup scholarship will improve the support system for international students to study in our doctoral programs. Enhancing our relationship with cooperating universities, we are establishing new networks overseas to broaden the fields of study available to students and researchers to advance globalization. Since medical professions must have practical English skills, all undergraduate students will have an opportunity to take TOEIC as a motivation to study English and broaden their ability. Last July, our Clinical Education Center was established for seamless education between clinical practice for medical students, clinical clerkships, clinical resident training and training for doctors in specialized fields. I believe these changes will enhance our ability to foster researchers and doctors with up-to-date knowledge and medical techniques and inquiring minds.

Last year, the Preeminent Medical Photonics Education & Research Center was established. Together with the Innovative Medical Collaboration Building to be built this year, we will have all the functions to develop deeper industry-university collaborations with local companies and associated human resources. Furthermore, the Basic and Clinical Research Building is to be renovated and a new building for research built. These three construction projects started from this April. It is also praiseworthy that our University Hospital consistently provides advanced and competent medical treatment under safe and stable medical management. By increasing the number of young and energetic professors who perform the latest medical treatments, more and more patients are coming to us. We welcomed 82 senior residents last year, and 94 this year. With close cooperation with Shizuoka prefecture, it is clear that Hamamatsu University School of Medicine and the Shizuoka Prefectural Government places top priority on healthcare in Shizuoka. Fujinokuni
Women Doctor Support Center, opened in our university hospital this June and considered a core center in Shizuoka Prefectural, is dedicated to developing more favorable work environments for woman doctors. Since there are more and more hospital directors in Shizuoka who have good connections with or backgrounds in our university, we expect that function differentiation and the concentration of hospitals will accelerate based on a new community healthcare framework in Shizuoka.

To realize our goal of a "society of health and longevity" with preventive medicine and regular medical examination system, we are promoting the necessary systems and research seeds with the aid of various kinds of database. In addition, another of our main missions is to be a reliable disaster center hospital. We will continue our preparation for Earthquake Disaster Prevention.

Building on our strengths as a medical university, we are flexibly and rapidly expanding our collaborations in such fields as innovative medical collaboration, academic-pharmaceutical collaboration, industrial academic-collaboration, and so on. Since the day I was appointed President, I continually put emphasis on the awareness that nothing stays the same. By strengthening the financial bases of our university, it will be possible to make appropriate personnel allocations and financial aid for academic and research activities. The Hamamatsu University School of Medicine Fund was established last year to support the building of our competitive strengths. Fortunately, our efforts are gaining recognition.

All University staff are focused on working as a team based on our University's vision. I hope to build an organization in which staff members are united in their efforts to do their part and promote the continual growth of Hamamatsu University School of Medicine.