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University Emblem, Logo & Mascot

University Emblem


Mt. Fuji, located in Shizuoka and the symbol of Japan is the motif of the university emblem. Kanji characters for 'Medicine' and 'University' are incorporated into the motif. The bight in its lower part portrays The Sea of Enshu and waves, and its protrusion images Hamana Lake.
The university emblem is used on diplomas, legal documents, and other materials only at the discretion of the president.

University Logo


The University's initial letter "h" is designed into a mountain-like aqua shape, inspired by Mt. Fuji. It also symbolizes Hamana Lake, The Sea of Enshu, natural water and the essence of life. Together with an orange circle, it implies a mankind with energy, health and dynamism.
The university logo encaptures the University's dedication to the future development of human health and welfare.
The logo was created primarily for use on merchandise and promotional items, and is an alternative to the university emblem for graphic design purposes.

University Mascot


"Handa-yamappi" is a forest spirit, born in the wood of the Handa-yama University Campus. It loves catching up on modern medical care and cheering up patient, which is its raison d'etre.