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Admission Fees

282,000 yen for both undergraduate and graduate schools

 For both the undergraduate and graduate schools, admission fees must be paid at the time of entrance.
There is no exemption for undergraduate students. Graduate students who have financial difficulties in paying the admission fee may apply for a partial exemption. The details of the application will be explained by the Office of Scholarship and Student Welfare in the Educational Affairs Section at the time of entrance procedures.


535,800 yen/year(267,900 yen/semester

 Tuition must be paid twice a year (April for the spring semester・October for the fall semester).
Self-financed students (degree students: undergraduate students and graduate students) can apply for waivers in the case of financial trouble toward paying tuition after enrolling at the university. By application, the university committee will examine the applicant's academic record and economic status and the students may be offered partial or total exemption from payment. For details, please contact the Student Support Section, Student Affairs Division.