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University-Wide Events

There is always something fabulous and exciting to look forward to at HUSM! Here is a sneak peek at some events that you can expect on campus.


Entrance Ceremony
In Japan, April is the beginning of academic year. The Entrance Ceremony is held for the freshmen of HUSM.


Anniversary of Establishment
HUSM was established on 7th June 1974. Anniversary event starts with a speech by President Konno, and then have special lectures and award ceremony for researchers.


Degree Ceremony

Earthquake Drill


Entrance Ceremony

Dedication of Deceased Donors Memorial

Fire Drill

University Festival


International Students Excursion
This excursion enriches your understanding of Japanese culture and customs and helps you to know the other international students and researchers on campus.


Kyungpook-Hamamatsu Joint Medical Symposium


International Exchange Gathering

Degree Ceremony