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The International Exchange Gathering 2023 was held

Mar 12, 2024

On March 1st, "International Exchange Gathering 2023" was held for the first time in five years in a school cafeteria, being suspended due to the spread of the COVID 19. The purpose of this event was to deepen friendships among international students and researchers of our university, people involved in international exchange activities, and people from the local community who have been supporting the university constantly. Approximately 80 participants enjoyed communications in a friendly atmosphere.
During the event, six HUSM medical students who were visiting Kenya as part of their "International Service Learning" program, gave a report on their activities via internet live broadcast. In addition, five representatives of international students introduced their home countries, and HOPE, an international exchange circle of HUSM students, gave a report on their activities.
It was a wonderful opportunity for people from different cultures and backgrounds to casually interact and deepen their friendships.