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Agreement on Academic Exchange signed with Guilin Medical University

Dec 13, 2023

On December 4 (Mon.) and 5 (Tue.), the delegation of six people from the People's Republic of China, including Prof. Zhiyong Zhang, Secretary of the Communist Party of China Committee of Guilin Medical University, came to our university to sign the Agreement on Academic Exchange between the two universities.
The signing ceremony was postponed due to the spread of the COVID-19, but now, after more than four years, it was finally held. At the ceremony, President Konno expressed his gratitude for the donation of the medical masks and other supplies from GMU to our university during the time of the COVID-19 outbreak when there was a serious shortage of medical supplies. In the presence of Prof. Fukuda, who has a close relationship with GMU and contributed to the signing of the Agreement, the participants from both universities deepened their mutual exchange and the event was conducted in a friendly atmosphere from start to end.
On Dec. 4, the day before the signing ceremony, the delegation visited the Medical Welfare Support Center of the university hospital, as well as the Institute for NanoSuit Research, the Advanced Research Facilities & Services and the laboratory of Neurophysiology Department. After the signing ceremony on Dec. 5, they toured each facility of the university hospital, and received explanations at the visited facilities over two days.