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Academic Year 2022 Diploma Awarding Ceremony

Mar 30, 2023

On 16th March, the Hamamatsu University School of Medicine Diploma Awarding Ceremony was held at the Act City Hall to celebrate the graduation of 236 undergraduate and graduate students in total. Due to persisting COVID-19 concerns, the event was held on a reduced scale, with attendees limited to: graduating students, plus one family member per student, alongside a minimal number of administrative officers.

Before the opening ceremony, the HUSM student orchestra performed "Alla Hornpipe" from Handel's "Water Music", which created a solemn atmosphere throughout the hall.

In the ceremony, following conferring diplomas and giving commendations for academic excellence award, President Konno delivered his commencement address to the students: "I hope that you will acquire not only medical and nursing knowledge and skills, but also strive to cultivate a wide range of education and rich humanity, to recognize and accept diversity, and to lead a vibrant and colorful life as a professional. Furthermore, I sincerely hope that you will mature as a medical professional who is trusted by patients, their families, and medical teammates, and who is also respected by everyone in the world."