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The 3rd International Student Research Presentation was held

Nov 19, 2021

On November 10th, The Research Presentation by international students in the third year of the doctoral course was held by the International Center. The event has been held once a year and this year marked the third time. Ten international students who entered the university in the new era "Reiwa" reported on their research projects in English, including question and answer sessions.
The event originally started as part of the welcome event for new students joining the Graduate School in October. This year, as last year, the welcome party was cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19, but the Research Presentation was held face-to-face wearing masks and maintaining a social distance.
In addition to the international students, there were 42 participants including Dr. Unno, the chairperson, and Dr. Koide, the director of HUSM international exchange supporters' club, faculty members, researchers and resident doctors. There were many questions from international students as well as faculty members during the question and answer sessions, which encouraged the students to further develop their research mindset.