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Research Presentations by International Students 2020

Nov 17, 2020

On November 11th, The International Center held the 'Research Presentations by International Students 2020', where 10 of the third year students of their doctoral course presented their research.
This event originally started from last year as a part of welcome event for newly enrolled students from October. Due to the spread of COVID-19, the presentation meeting was held keeping social distancing during the event, and the after gathering party had to be cancelled.
Even in such a difficult situation, many graduate students, the chairperson and directors of HUSM international supporters' club (which is composed of people outside the university), faculty members and undergraduate students attended the event showing their strong support. In total, there were 55 people from inside and outside the university, largely exceeding last year's attendance.
The presentation and discussion was all in English, and there were questions not only from the faculty but also from the students, leading to an active discussion which aroused everyone's research mind.