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Special Re-Entry Permit

 A special re-entry permit is for foreign national residing in Japan with a valid passport and status of residence. This is not applied for those who have been granted a period of stay of "3 months" or less and who have a "Temporary Visitor" status of residence. In principle, if you re-enter Japan within one year from the date of departure, you do not need to obtain a normal re-entry permit.

 In case of leaving Japan with Special Re-Entry Permit, you must possess a valid passport (passport and residence card for mid- to long-term residents) and show an immigration inspector your intention of Special Re-Entry Permit at the time of departure. Specifically, the re-entry departure record (Re-entry ED card ) has a check box to indicate that it is a temporary departure and you plan to re-enter Japan.

 If you are planning to travel outside Japan, you will be required to submit the following forms to the International Office of the university:

[Before Traveling] "Notification of overseas travel"

[After Traveling] "Return Notification"

FORMS from International Center website