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Faculty of Medicine

Our school was established in 1974 and since then we have sought to achieve three chief objectives; firstly, to nurture clinicians with excellent professionalism and researchers with highly innovative creativity; secondly, to promote creative research and innovation in clinical technologiesļ¼› and thirdly, to play a leading role in community healthcare by providing medical services for the greatest benefit of patients. These goals should contribute to the health and welfare of all humankind.
Based on these objectives, we have trained many excellent clinicians who have contributed to medical care throughout Japan as well as Shizuoka Prefecture, and also work in cutting edge medical research. An example of leading research efforts known worldwide, our graduates have developed a new cancer treatment method using quantum light energy, and also used light energy to analyze the basic functions of the human body. In addition, we have a special research center where we can put this knowledge to practical use.
Our graduates do not limit themselves to work as clinical physicians, researchers and medical instructors but also serve as industrial physicians and medical welfare specialists in government in activities that branch out into all areas.

What we look for in our students

We want to see students who will play an active role in the next generation while cherishing the principles behind the founding of our school. Namely we seek capable students with the following qualifications.

  1. Students who possess the wide-ranging basic academic potential and practical ability essential to learning medicine
  2. Students who will continue to be highly motivated and maintain an inquisitive spirit throughout their lifelong careers as doctors and researchers.
  3. Students willing to work with others as an essential part of a team and show compassion for others
  4. Students with the desire to actively advance themselves while rooted in the community and capable of contributing to local medical care.

We seek those who possess these essential qualities from all around the country and provide multiple entrance examination opportunities for eligible applicants.

Education and course of study the candidate should master before university entrance

Candidates should preferably have acquired a wide range of basic knowledge and practical ability required in medical knowledge and medical treatment fields in courses taken throug senior high school. Moreover, a well-rounded education is also essential, particularly one that provides the following capabilities and perspectives.

  1. Ability to adequately understand and express oneself in the Japanese language and accurately perceive the thoughts of others
  2. Have a personal awareness of current international society in the areas of civics, geography and history as well as the attitude and conduct of a conscientious citizen
  3. In terms of mathematics level, shall in addition to having "Math III" and "Math C", shall also have the capability to express and perceive phenomena mathematically and make decisions based on mathematical theory
  4. In terms of science, besides possessing a deep understanding and insight into natural science in general, shall be capable of making judgments and investigations of phenomena based on scientific reasoning
  5. In terms of English ability, shall have the ability to convey thoughts through expressive methods and use of logic, and a willingness to actively communicate with people in international society

Mid-course Entry Admissions to 2nd-year

To keep pace with the continued and diverse expansion of the medical field, we seek those with experience in academic fields in natural science including engineering science and pharmaceuticals or fields other than natural science, who have a clear desire to learn medicine to become clinicians or medical researchers resulting in taking on the mantle of medical treatment, medical education or research work.
Our school welcomes those wishing to make use of their academic history experience in previously completed study areas. We want you to make the most of your desire to learn the field of medicine and seek those as described below who will respect the principles of our school.

  1. Students who possess the wide-ranging knowledge and practical ability essential to learning medicine
  2. Students with high motivation to work as a doctor
  3. Students willing to work with others as an essential part of a team and show compassion for others

Those who possess one of the following two aims are eligible to apply for this course.

  1. Students aiming to become "researchers for basic or clinical medicine"
    We seek those having both the fundamental qualities and past records suited to a future in the medical research field.
  2. Students aiming to be involved in "community medical care"
    We seek those with a passionate interest in contributing to Shizuoka Prefecture's community medical care.