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Doctorate by Dissertation in FY 2016

Diploma Certificate No. Name Date Title
医博論第527号 Yasushi Wakabayashi 16 Sep. 2016 Effects of cilazapril and verapamil on myocardial iodine-125-MIBG accumulation in cardiomyopathic BIO 53.58 hamsters
医博論第528号 Kimiyoshi Sakaguchi 16 Sep. 2016 Combined steroidogenic characters of fetal adrenal and Leydig cells in childhood adrenocortical carcinoma
医博論第529号 Tetsuya Komatsu 16 Sep. 2016 Dosimetric evaluation of the feasibility of stereotactic body radiotherapy for primary lung cancer with lobe-specific selective elective nodal irradiation
医博論第530号 Seiji Shiotani 16 Sep. 2016 Hepatic relaxation times from postmortem MR imaging of adult humans
医博論第531号 Takashi Uehara 16 Sep. 2016 Overexpression of lysophosphatidylcholine acyltransferase 1 and concomitant lipid alterations in gastric cancer
医博論第532号 Akira Ohishi 9 Dec. 2016 Mutation analysis of FGFR1-3 in 11 Japanese patients with syndromic craniosynostoses
医博論第533号 Akikazu Kawase 9 Dec. 2016 Visceral pleural invasion classification in non-small cell lung cancer
医博論第534号 Tetsuro Kimura 20 Jan. 2017 Bronchial intubation could be detected by the visual stethoscope techniques in pediatric patients
医博論第535号 Hiromi Kato 20 Jan. 2017 A visual stethoscope to detect the position of the tracheal tube
医博論第536号 Shinichiro Kiyose 20 Jan. 2017 Detection of kinase amplifications in gastric cancer archives using fluorescence in situ hybridization
医博論第537号 Shingo Kawashima 20 Jan. 2017 Four-group classification based on fibrinogen level and fibrin polymerization associated with postoperative bleeding in cardiac surgery
医博論第538号 Go Yoshida 7 Mar. 2017 Craniopelvic alignment in elderly asymptomatic individuals: analysis of 671 cranial centers of gravity
医博論第539号 Rie Matsushita 7 Mar. 2017 Development of waist circumference percentiles for Japanese children and an examination of their screening utility for childhood metabolic syndrome: a population -based cross-sectional study
医博論第540号 Miwa Komori 7 Mar. 2017 Evaluation of surgical strategy based on the intraoperative superior oblique tendon traction test