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Doctorate by Advanced Course in FY 2014

Diploma Certificate No. Name Date Title
医博第684号 Tomomi Yamakawa 19 Sep. 2014 Inhibitory effect of cibenzoline on Na+/Ca2+ exchange current in guinea-pig cardiac ventricular myocytes
医博第685号 Jiazhang Wei 19 Sep. 2014 Linoleic acid attenuates endothelium-derived relaxing factor production by suppressing cAMP-hydrolyzing phosphodiesterase activity
医博第686号 Lin Tan 19 Sep. 2014 JmjC-domain containing histone demethylase 1B-mediated p15Ink4b suppression promotes the proliferation of leukemic progenitor cells through modulation of cell cycle progression in acute myeloid leukemia
医博第687号 Yasuko Fukushi 19 Sep. 2014 Cell-to-cell propagation of intracellular signals fluorescently visualized with acridine orange in the gastric glands of guinea pigs
医博第688号 Mitsuhiro Edamura 12 Dec. 2014 Functional deficiency of MHC class I enhances LTP and abolishes LTD in the nucleus accumbens of mice
医博第689号 Tomohiro Yamazoe 11 Feb. 2015 Potent tumor tropism of induced pluripotent stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neural stem cells in the mouse intracerebral glioma model
医博第690号 Hideki Kusagaya 16 Mar. 2015 Toll-like receptor-mediated airway IL-17C enhances epithelial host defense in an autocrine/paracrine manner
医博第691号 Masanori Harada 16 Mar. 2015 YB-1 promotes transcription of cyclin D1 in human non-small-cell lung cancers
医博第692号 Tomoyuki Watanabe 16 Mar. 2015 Roles of mitochondrial fragmentation and reactive oxygen species in mitochondrial dysfunction and myocardial insulin resistance
医博第693号 Yasuyuki Nagata 16 Mar. 2015 Glutaraldehyde fixation method for single-cell lipid analysis by time-of-flight secondary ion-mass spectrometry
医博第694号 Masafumi Ono 11 Feb. 2015 Role of intrarenal (pro)renin receptor in ischemic acute kidney injury in rats
医博第695号 Akihiro Kakimoto 16 Mar. 2015 New computer-aided diagnosis of dementia using positron emission tomography: brain regional sensitivity-mapping method
医博第696号 Yoshiyuki Shimizu 16 Mar. 2015 Loud noise exposure during activity and neurogenesis in the living rat brain: A preliminary study
医博第697号 Takashi Osawa 16 Mar. 2015 Blood distribution of bortezomib and its kinetics in multiple myeloma patients
医博第698号 Takaaki Saito 16 Mar. 2015 Low lymphatic pumping pressure in the legs is associated with leg edema and lower quality of life in healthy volunteers
医博第699号 Yasushi Shibasaki 16 Mar. 2015 Expression of indocyanine green-related transporters in hepatocellular carcinoma
医博第700号 Tomomi Fujita 16 Mar. 2015 Regulation of GATA binding protein 2 levels via ubiquitin-dependent degradation by Fbw7: involvement of cyclin B-cyclin-dependent kinase 1-mediated phosphorylation of Thr-176 in GATA binding protein 2
医博第701号 Satomi Iwata 16 Mar. 2015 Modulation of allopregnanolone on excitatory transmitters release from single glutamatergic terminal
医博第702号 Mundalil Vasu Mahesh 16 Mar. 2015 Serum microRNA profiles in children with autism.
医博第703号 Hideyuki Arima 16 Mar. 2015 Blockade of IL-6 signaling by MR16-1 inhibits reduction of docosahexaenoic acid-containing phosphatidylcholine levels in a mouse model of spinal cord injury.
医博第704号 Mohammod Johirul, Islam 16 Mar. 2015 Pol I-transcribed hepatitis C virus genome RNA replicates, produces an infectious virus and leads to severe hepatic steatosis in transgenic mice
医博第705号 Takamasa Iwakura 16 Mar. 2015 A high ratio of G1 to G0 phase cells and an accumulation of G1 phase cells before S phase progression after injurious stimuli in the proximal tubule