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Dear Graduates of Hamamatsu University School of Medicine

We have launched the Alumni Network on our website, a new place to connect with our alumni.

We hope that alumni will make use of this network page as a place for online communication at any time, to gain up-to-date information about HUSM and to keep in touch with fellow alumni you met in HUSM, current international students, your academic advisors, and the International Center staff.

The number of international students enrolled as graduate students at HUSM has increased to 174 (167 doctoral students and 7 master's students) since 1990 until December 1, 2022, and our alumnis are playing brilliant roles in Japan and abroad, such as becoming the president of a medical university after returning to his home country.

Your connections with alumni are very important to us. We hope that you will feel free to drop by this page, actively disseminate information, revitalize the community, and share with us your updates and messages to your alma mater from various perspectives.


私たちは本学ホームページに卒業生の皆さんとの新たな交流の場となるAlumni Networkを開設しました。




Voice from Alumni

Here are essays contributed by our alumni. How did they study and live in Japan, and what are they doing now?


Voice from Alumni

Voice from Current Students

Here are stories from current international students. How are they studying and living in Japan?


Voice from Current Students

HUSM International Alumni Network(Slack)

The International Center would like to ask you to join the group channel of "HUSM international graduates" in Slack (a communication tool). Using this communication tool, we would like to follow up on your future path and inform you of the university's information in the future.

The channel "#general" is the place to connect with international alumni, current international students and the International Center staff each other. Every current student could envision him/herself after graduating from HUSM. Then, it would be encouraging, exciting and motivating to know that alumni are playing active roles in Japan or abroad. Do you ever wonder how your fellow alumni are doing now? Join Slack! We hope that this will be a beneficial place for everyone to communicate together.

Links to Slack

How to Join Slack


Alumni Network News


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