Positions available

We welcome students for doctoral course, and faculty positions are also available depending on applicants' achievements. If you want to know about detailed information, please contact here. We don't have limits of age for recruitment. We are waiting for the application from many student candidates and researchers. Associate professor is considered only when the candidate has more than twenty original papers.

Master's and doctoral courses


Everyone can be a candidate of medical Ph.D. as a student of Hamamatsu University School of Medicine. Also, we have supervised students from Tokyo, Tokyo Medical and Dental, Yokohama National, Gifu, Stanford, Princeton, Mahidon Universities, etc. We have 3 foreigner students in the Laboratory, and English language is spoken fluently. In order to learn experimental techniques, several students of Ph.D. course came here a few days a week from graduate school of medicine, University of Tokyo, Keio University, etc. Even if you are a student in other University, if you want to look at or practice in our laboratory to expand the field of your study, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or other ways in concert with your current supervisor. We could accept you as a student even if you were not in medical school.



All students have published papers within two years since coming to our lab. For example, student A graduated by skipping grade was the first student supervised by us. He published more than ten articles, received Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC1) from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, and was honored for awards from Japanese and international societies.


Next year, students B and C, who came to take a master's degree, have also published papers. Next year, student D started his research during the undergraduate course. Then, as soon as being in master's course, he published an article in the top journal in the field of analytical chemistry as the first author, and also he gave a presentation at an international conference.




When students work after their graduation, it is important for them be able to write a document in a logical way. This is a highly valuable skill for their work as researchers and for other fields, too. This skill is acquired by certain training. In our laboratory they learn the skill by writing original articles.

Truly speaking, the experimental skills learned in graduate school become outdated soon. Rather than learning merely experimental skills, the important thing is to discipline the abilities of investigation, planning, and expression. This is not difficult if they meet appropriate training course. Our laboratory may be taken as example. All and each one of our students write papers during their stay.


A recipe for it is to begin stepwise with what you can do. If you think that writing a full paper is difficult, you should begin with a short communication. Also, considering the difficulty of writing an English article, you should write a Japanese one first.


On the other hand, some students may be concerned about whether they can really survive as scientists or researchers. Such a concern occurs to everyone usually. In fact, there are genius researchers in the world. However, we find themselves genius considering their great achievements. You might be also one of them. You can try.


Your effort deserves something. We educate students according to this policy. If you are interested in our laboratory, please easily contact here.


Hamamatsu University School of Medicine