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Professor SETOU Mitsutoshi

Professor SETOU Mitsutoshi

The aim of our laboratory is to identify the mechanisms of aging and age-dependent disorders. We are trying to understand molecular anatomy of aging by two different approaches. The first approach makes use of imaging mass spectrometry (IMS). Especially, we have developed a new technology for imaging mass spectrometry that enables us to identify the distribution of biomolecules in tissues at high resolution.

The second approach consists in molecular and cellular biology of post-translational modifications. For example, we are focusing on the post-translational modifications, such as tubulin modifications. We are also making mouse models to study the function of these modified enzymes which may cause disorders.

Our current research projects are
1) developing new technology for imaging mass spectrometry,
2) identifying molecular mechanisms of disorders by using imaging mass spectrometry,
3) molecular anatomy of animals by using imaging mass spectrometry, and
4) molecular anatomy of model mice by using molecular/cellular biological approaches.